Saint Martin church in Masevaux

The organs of St Martin church: a treat for music lovers

St Martin church in Masevaux was built in the Neo-Classical style in 1786, but cracks rapidly appeared on the walls and the choir and so the works were suspended for several years. Resumed in 1837, the works would be completed five years later.
Alas, in 1966, a giant fire destroyed the whole building and it took five years to rebuild.
Before the fire, the church was well-known for its famous organs by the Callinet Brothers. They took up the whole width of the nave. Following the church's reconstruction, the new organ by Alfred Kern was installed in 1975. Nowadays, the International Organ Festival takes place here each year, a great source of pride for the town.

Practical information

Church open all day (the door on the right-hand side is open more often than the main one).
Services: Saturday 19:00: Sunday liturgy, Sunday 10:00 mass.

Rue de l’Eglise - 68290 MASEVAUX
+333 89 82 45 87
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