Hiking maps

Whether you are looking for a family walk, or a one day trek in the Vosges area, you will find many maps in our tourist offices.
On these, all marked walking tracks, camping grounds and even the tiniest paths are shown.


Practical information

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The hiking maps for Thann, Masevaux and the Ballon d'Alsace as well as the walking guide for Masevaux and the Doller valley are on sale at the Masevaux tourist office . The hiking maps for Bussang, La Bresse and Colmar, Munster are on sale at the Saint Amarin tourist office. The hiking maps for Thann, Masevaux, Bussang-La Bresse, Grand Ballon and Mulhouse are on sale at the Thann-Cernay tourist office.



The prices may vary from 0.50€ to 12.50€, depending on the type of map you are willing to buy.

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